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Supercharge your IT to optimize business outcomes

As business markets are continuously evolving to accept change rapidly, organizations must learn to also continuously adapt to the abrupt need for flexibility by the digital economy. There is a growing interest in models and methodologies to accelerate the creation, delivery and consumption of business value. However, there is also growing confusion about how these different models, such as Lean practices and principles associated with Lean Enterprise and Lean Thinking that aim at relentless improvement on the right metrics which essentially pinpoint flow with velocity while maintaining flexibility, reliability, and high-quality of consumed tech products. 
The Lean IT movement is growing rapidly, moving beyond the narrow confines of the IT organization’s and embraces business strategy to reap the benefits of technology teams working closely together to innovate as they adopt a range of agile(r) approaches. 

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The Conference

For the first time in Greece, a Conference dedicated to Lean IT is coming to offer comprehensive knowledge about topics evolving around Lean IT. The Conference agenda is designed to bring to the fore the need to adopt Lean IT practices, techniques, methods and principles and unify a wide range of stakeholders who will establish a culture change towards the Lean Enterprise. Experts and thought leaders in the domain will help you develop your own business case and build the foundations to bring significant return on investment.

Meet the


The conference speakers’ line-up consists of distinguished Lean IT experts from all over the World, who will inspire and offer actionable insights. The speakers’ line up is loading….

Agenda Highlights

  • Listen to world-class speakers as they share their experiences and insights on how to implement and sustain Lean IT transitions across sectors and industries. 
  • Discover the newest trends and innovations in Lean IT that are already shaping the future of the technology sector. 
  • Expand your knowledge through immersive keynotes, gaining valuable lessons and practical takeaways. 
  • Hear from international experts how the various technology groups work together with other business units to benefit the entire organization from the adoption of Lean practices, techniques, methods and principles. 
  • Understand the business need for Lean IT 
  • Network with professionals who are passionate about improving IT performance, quality and flow of value. 
  • Discover what Lean IT is all about and how the principles of collaboration and communication enable businesses to leverage the new approach at scale. 
  • Understand the context of the different pieces of Lean IT, Lean Enterprise and Lean Thinking, how they fit together and how to leverage each to accelerate value co-creation. 
  • Recognize the challenges in the Lean IT culture and build a strong team capable of leading the change. 
  • Gain knowledge of Visual Management Systems methodologies such as Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, as well as understanding the value of Lean IT in the context of project management, service management, product development. 
  • Realize the practical utility of Lean IT strategies to increase productivity and customer/user experience. 

Who will you meet?

  • Change Managers 
  • CIOs  
  • CISOs 
  • DevOps practitioners 
  • Directors of Developers teams 
  • Enterprise Architects 
  • Master Black Belts 
  • Operations Managers
  • Six Sigma Practitioners 
  • Value Stream Architects


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