Evelina Edmundson
Lean Experts Panel

Evelina Edmundson

Executive Coach, Lean & Agile Advisor, Transformation Leader

Evelina Edmundson is a highly accomplished executive coach with over 15 years of experience and expertise in Lean, Agile, Complexity, Change Management, Performance Improvement, Technology Optimization and Organizational Transformations. She is a Cynefin complexity expert.

As a change agent and motivator, Evelina has trained over 300 leaders from various organizations to embrace and promote lean principles and foster continuous improvement. She is an avid advocate of nurturing psychological safety to build a culture of trust and learning, where individuals feel valued and motivated to excel. Her extensive knowledge of complex adaptive systems, fractal change management, and agile methodologies helps her clients thrive in rapidly changing environments.

Evelina holds two Black Belts: one in Six Sigma from the American Society for Quality and another in Lean Six Sigma from Purdue. Additionally, she is a Certified Scrum Master, Project Management Professional, and Change Acceleration Coach. She speaks three languages, loves audiobooks, and enjoys writing.